Thursday, November 6, 2008

Legend Of the Seeker

Though I have a practical exam tomorrow, I just couldn’t resist laying my hands on my lappy and typing down my thoughts after watching the new series- LEGEND OF THE SEEKER. I saw its first episode yesterday (it was a 1:50 hr episode) and have since been unable to clear my mind of its thoughts. Why? I have always been a very very big fan of LOTR and the resemblance of this new serial to the greatest movie of all times has left me mesmerized. No, I don’t mean any resemblance in terms of storyline. It is based on yet another book on Fantasy World called The Sword of Truth" by Terry Goodkind. I am so excited to see the same shooting locales again. Revisiting the breath-taking beauty of New Zealand after LOTR has sort of casted a spell on me. Moreover, I have always liked these Fantasy World stories, where you are transferred to a completely different magical world.

The serial doesn’t disappoint at all in any terms when compared to LOTR. The animation is good enough and so is the photography and costumes. Though, like the locales, the costumes also look like borrowed from the epic movie, but then, I have always wanted to relive those moments of LOTR. I had watched Stardust too and liked it. However, the movie lacked a strong background score like LOTR, and so its thoughts did not linger too long after watching. But, no such complaints with this one. It has an equally strong background score like LOTR and I haven’t been able to think beyond it and am waiting in eagerness for the next episode to be aired on 8th Nov.

And yeah, If LOTR had some great dialogues, it also has some wonderful lines. Here are some that I liked-
"In life you cannot go back, the only way is forward".

The various lessons of the Seeker -

Lesson No. 1 –“ Sometimes to gain ground , you need to slow down”.
Lesson No. 2- “Clear your mind of what was and will be, it is only the test that is.”
Lesson No. 3 - “Though the seeker may battle alone, he fights with the strength of many.”

Since I couldn’t get too many pictures of the episode from Net, I took snapshots myself in VLC.Here they are. I have also pointed out some similarities with LOTR-

This same scene was also there in LOTR

Bucolic view of New Zealand

Craig Horner- Seeker


Wizard(Anyone remembers Gandalf?)

Villain of the story

Richard(Craig Horner) being named Seeker

The Star that was given to Frodo( seen here in the hands of Sam), to guide him.

A similar Star in the hands of Confessor to help her

The Sword of Seeker

Councillor- brother of Seeker

The Trio- Confessor, Wizard and Seeker

The two main characters


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