Thursday, October 23, 2008

Although Indian politicians hardly impress me, the reply which Rahul Gandhi gave to a student in Uttarakhand when confronted with a really tricky question has made me a fan of him. The student questioned him on Raj Thackeray and expressed hope that ther's atleast someone to look after North Indians. Here's what he had to say (and as Barney would say- its LEGENDAry). He asked the boy why he thought of himself as North Indian and not Indian. He rebuked him slightly telling that terrorism amd communalism are born out of idea that people are different. Now, its really great to find out that unlike a majority of politicians in India who would have hopped on this chance to capture a "North Indian" votebank, he chose to remove the divisive thoughts from his mind, not caring about the implications of the upcoming state polls. 

What India requires is not politicians like Raj Thackeray, who would stoop so low to further split India on the grounds of language(as if religion, caste, tribe etc etc were less), rather people who would like to work for the betterment and development of the country. Who wouldn,t care if they win or loose.....rather what they would care is about the country....who would be bold enough to take initiatives. 

Just hope Ismites take a cue from his words.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Wah Taj!!

I have waited a long time to lay my hands on my lappy and write about some really interesting stuff regarding the pujas. But, during the pujas I didn't have a net connection and after I came back to college, The net played elusive games in the Hostel.  Even while I write this, I don't know if I will be able to complete the post before the Net/Lan goes away.By the way, gettin back to the Pujas, as always, a lot of Pandals with innovative themes came up. I stay in Barrackpore and each year the PAlta Pandal is a big draw. ALtough not a big Pandal Hopper, I do visit the PAlta one each year(cause its near to my house). This year it went over the top and had the biggest Puja Budget in calcutta( heard it from a friend, so no authenticity of the claim) . The theme- Taj Mahal. Yes they rebuilt the whole structure!! Believe me, it was breathtaking when viewed from a distance. I was quite agog about giving it a visit, when he funny (or may be sad) news came in. Muslims had objected to the Puja being held there and placing the idol inside because Taj Mahal is a mosque and has Kabars. Towing a similar line, VHP objected that they wont allow Idol of a Hindu Deity inside a Mosque.Its so disturbing to see that there are such insulatory people who dont view Taj Mahal as a symbol of India's pride,  but rather as a religious place. If things in India continue this way, soon we may find restrictions on the entry of people of othre faiths in Taj, Ajmer Dargah, Puri etc.
And yeah, it didnot boil into one of those controversies which lead to riots and all, after all nothing dampens the Puja Spirit of Bengal, not even the egress of the Nano. SO the puja did take place, though not inside or wherever they had objected. The idol too was placed inside at a place which assuaged both the parties. Other show stealers in Palta were the Amarnath Temple(no controversies here), Konarak Temple, and a Pandal of Dhaan(rice). here are the pics for
 you all.
Thats the TAj Mahal in Bengal. Another interesting thing- it was such a big crowd puller that on Navami it got damaged and was closed for the public on Dashami. Repairs were carried out and
 it was made open to the public till LAkshmi Puja and there was no dearth in the people coming to watch it even then!

                                          This is the Dhan one... a serene look

The Idol inside the Dhan pandal... 

The Konark Temple

Another one in Ichapur

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