Sunday, September 26, 2010

Life takes a new turn

Have been away for long..and now that tomorrow morning's first session is off, let me put down how life has taken a turn for me, and how this city is.

The one month that I have been here has gone away trying to adjust to a new schedule and learning up how to multi-task. I must admit, if I found the first week here quite a "chilled" one, coz all day long we were just given lectures on the home page of Aricent, life has been on gear 4 from the next week itself. It was like suddenly u were pushed from a "bullock-cart" to a "jet-plane". Week two onwards, we were asked to write big programs. Now imagine, all that I knew about c was "BANI C" and suddenly, u r left alone to make such complex programs..that too multi file programs on Unix!! So, by the time I would open the sample programs that were already present on the servers, the trainer had already finished executing it and moved on to another program. So the assignments couldn't be completed on time and it only meant going back to the room and trying to complete them. Amidst all this, I was also receiving mails from readers as to why the issue was getting delayed. So, I also had to take out the pending issue. Of course, almost all the articles were ready and had been edited, but the scarcity of designers had now escalated into a crisis. There was no Pawan or Mukesh by my side now. Both were busy in their jobs and none had an internet connection to stay in touch. So, it meant that the onus was upon me to design those pages yet again (and I just hate doing the layout so much). PJ was of course there, but he also had his start up to take care of. So coming back from office at 7pm, I would first try and complete those pending assignments, and then if I had any energy left, would try and design some page.

By Day 3 of week 2, we were juggling with pointers, double pointers.. things that I could never understand in those 4 years of college were finished in a session of 2 hrs flat! No wonder the only thing I encountered try to write a program using poinetrs and executing it was "Segmentation Fault" (Believe me, it is the most irritating one that is so hard to debug). Thankfully, colleagues at Nalanda are friendly and helped in debugging those stupid core dump that were generated. By week 3, I had got used to these multi-files a bit. Weekends were the ones that I looked forward to. Not because I would go out anywhere, but because I would complete my quota of sleep on those two days. I forgot to mention one another big change in me since I arrived here. With strict instructions from home to move on to the bigger turban, I decided that I should join the new place with a new look. Now, I am no expert at turban tying. The first day, it took me about an hour to wear that turban. And it still usually takes me about half an hour to tie it up everyday. So, I get up at around 5: 30 everyday, take a bath and all, and from 6:30 onwards, am busy trying to perfect the turban of mine. Sigghh.. dont remember before moving in to Gurgaon, when was the last time I even woke up at 8. Getting up at 11 am, then doing the "household chores" and all leaves u with litle time for anything productive on a weekend. So while others chose to go for a visit to Agra or Delhi, I decided I had more important task at hand- that of taking out the issue, and so gave it a skip.

Weekends hold even more excitement because that is the day when everyone gets to try their hand at new recipes. At around 2 in the after noon we start deciding what should we cook (and mostly, we end up on Khichdi :P) by the time sumone (DT, PJ, Apurv or Ritu) is done cooking, the "bhukkey" insaans finish off every last piece of rice. Gladly, I have learnt how to cook Khichdi (lol) and Upma and hope to learn a few more thinsg soon. A similar thing happens at night too, and at times we end up ordering Pizza. :D

The kaam vaali bai that started cooking a week after we arrived just adds to all this excitement (she cooks the dinner). She has a knack of placing all the spoons and utensils each day at some new place. So you get to explore each nook and corner of the kitchen. Then, she takes a weekly off on sunday, and despite a month having been passed, we are caught unawares on that fateful day. But in the end, it is still fun living alone, a grown up life. And I need to learn up cooking qucikly too.

The issue was also released thankfully on 31st, the day when the money was also credited to my account. But Lakshmi Ji decided not to shine so quickly and I was made to wait full 4 days to lay my hands on them. Its a long story that I dont intend to share here, I have already cribbed a lot in this post I guess. Thankfully, I just about managed to pass in the first test that was held (and there's one each week until Nov) Its not that I have adjusted fully to the new schedule. I wouldnt have found things so if I only had the office to deal with. But as others say, I will slowly learn to juggle all this succesful. I hope I do, coz I break down too often now. But then, that is exactly what I can't afford now.

(The post was written a few weeks ago. AT present, thanks to the CWG, no maids available for cooking and have subscribed to tiffin service. That experience would take another post for sure)

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