Sunday, April 12, 2009

Interesting Things @ Delhi

Finally, am back from Delhi, with one promise- I would go back again next year to visit the places I couldn't see this time (if given a chance again). After all, you don't get such opportunity again and again where the company pays for your AC fares and you go sight-seeing the whole city!!

However, this post isn't going to be about what I visited, but as the title suggests, some of the interesting stuff that happened (rather I observed).

Day 0:

That is 8th April, the day we were to board our train. The only reason I mention it here is because we went to DVC(Damodar Vally Corp) on that day, and the trip had a lasting effect on my whole Delhi tour. How?? Well, we drank plenty of water that was so readily available there. Even inside the plant, we drank water from a cooler (which wasn't working). Just as I finished drinking, a worker asked us not to drink from there, as its not fit for drinking. The damage done, from the next day, it was sheer test of my endurance level against Nature's call at various odd moments. Often, I failed the test and had to go searching for toilets. I even broke my record of not relieving myself in Train. And, I overcame my hesitation of using the "Western Style". What and where were those odd moments? Please don't ask, coz they continued throughout those 4 days.

Day 1:

I went to my cousin's house to stay. He has a son of 5 yrs and a daughter studying in 2. His son was as inquisitive as any child of his age. And I learned, how hard it can be to explain things to a child, and that telling them lies is probably the best thing to do. Earlier, I was staunch supporter of the theory that the curious questions of children should be correctly answered. I never liked it when my questions were not properly answered by my elders. But, now I know how hard it can get. He would often put me in such situations where I had no choice, but to make up an answer.

Day 2:

This was the D-day. I arrived just in time for the test. (It took me more that 2 and half hrs to reach noida from the place where I was staying !). The aptitude test was pure test of speed (otherwise it was chutiyap)and when I came out and heard others' performance, I knew how miserably I had performed. But the really interesting thing.

At 3 o clock, they brought out the list. People were happy to find their names on the list, others disappointed. Then suddenly someone looked above the list. It was written "List of Not qualified candidates." There was a change in the mood in the two camps. People started cursing the company for playing this joke, coz generally, its the list of successful candidates. Whatever, it left everyone wiser.

The next intersting observation was about a person- Siddhant, our CR. Once we were reimbursed the money, we set out for The Great Eastern Place. There, I noticed that as soon as he stepped in, his mode of communication changed to English. Even when he reverted to Hindi, he would switch back to English as soon as he would spot a girl. Though I am the most wrong person to comment on this, but still, I don't think that speaking English would attract anyone to you, or enable you to hook up. The story continued the next day, when we entered Delhi Metro, or, India Gate or Lotus Temple. May be, I am absolutely wrong on this. But ...every time I think about it, I cant stop laughing.

Day 3

Nothing interesting as such. But the high point of the day (and the whole trip) was visiting Lotus Temple. Though I was inside the temple for a few minutes, but the peaceful environment did give a sort of mental peace. I had experienced a similar feeling in Shantiniketan too, early in the morning amidst nature's beauty. I took the pamphlet being distributed, which enlightened about the principles of Bahai community. The very principles on which the faith is based is something that I believe in strongly, if harmony needs to be restored on this Earth. It was great to know that such a faith already exists, and I whole heartedly endorse it. I just hope it is able to spread its message among others too.

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