Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011: A Flashback

It is that time of the year when you look back at all the sweet and bitter memories of the year. Thankfully, 2011 has more sweet memories than the bitter ones. 2009 was the worst one I suppose. The year began with the sad news of my father meeting with an accident. It was a year of lot of money spending, sadness etc. 2010 was a hectic year. I rang in the new year probably working on the magazine. It was followed by starting my first job, trying to adjust to a working life and running the magazine alongside. I moved to two new cities in the same year. It was also a year of romance and heart breaks for me.

2011 in comparison has been a great one. It began on a very interesting note. The first call I received was a wrong number. I didn't wait to hear who was on the other side. Just picked up and wished a very warm and friendly new year. It was only after the greetings were exchanged that both of us realised we were talking to the wrong person. Throughout the year, I kept receiving wrong numbers in that number of mine. Almost no one has my second number, and the calls that I received in that number were almost always wrong ones. Thankfully, 2012 has begun with a call from an old friend. So this year should be free from wrong numbers and getting back in touch with old friends :)

Hogennakal Falls

The 1st day of the year was a trip to Hogennakal waterfalls. It was a fun trip with friends. And the whole year has been a fun one:) The month of February saw me releasing my first ever code, to the most prominent of customers of my company. After re-writing it for some 4-5 times, and a last minute bug, it was successfully accepted by the customer. In february I also received my B.Tech degree in the convocation and from a trainee, became a Software Engg. Feb was the month in which I got the first ever ad for Gaylaxy.

Nothing much significant in Mar-Apr, May saw me getting another ad for Gaylaxy and also, visiting Mumbai for the first time ever. With the May-June issue of Gaylaxy been just released, a bored me wrote down a satirical and fake news post, which became viral enough and soon News Maid was born.

July was my first participation in any pride event in Kolkata, and I could sell a decent number of Gaylaxy CDs. July also saw another addition to the number of advertisers with Gaylaxy. News Maid as a separate site was also launched in this month. The news of Poonam Pandey and T. Kumar went viral enough. Then there was also Baba Ramdev Accepting Homosexuality.

The month of August was me getting into a new project at office. September was the month of heartbreak again. I was so close, yet so far; and with a heavy heart, I decided to end my misery. I couldn't suffer for a guy who refuses to face his own emotions/fears. It took me around a month to get over it. And the trip to my home during Diwali helped :)

Me wearing the Gaylaxy T-shirt in Bengaluru Pride
November began with me buying my first ever smartphone. The end of Nov was exciting because of the pride celebrations. Gayalxy T-shirts were all sold out in the pride fair, and the march this year was so much more awesome and fun. Got to meet so many new people and made some good and awesome friends. It ended with me winning an iPod at office. And yes, I got the first ever tattoo, though temporary.

December was a fun one. A trip to Karwar with office colleagues was one of the best ones. A lot of water activities, fun and good memories. I also made some headway with my crush, though I am still confused as to what is in his mind. I just hope, he is more forth coming and direct than he currently is so that the confusion clears up. It was followed by the xmas eve party, which was fun and enjoyment again. Last working day at office was full of fun and masti again, with a lot of impropmtu fun activities and cake cutting. Also, I get inked permanently a few days before the year ends \m/
Having fun at Karwar
I also joined the book club this year, and thanks to it, finished two books at least :)

2012 has begun with me writing down a blog post. So probably this year would see me writing a lot, and also, I would be updating my blog more frequently (hopefully). I hope to make some headway in my love life too. Here's wishing everyone a very happy new year 2012 :)

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