Monday, July 20, 2009

Have Money, Will Spend it

Mayavati came up with yet another way to put Tax payers money to some fruitless use. You wake up, you take up The Hindu to read, you look at the front page and then the last, and there she is. She runs a full page colour advertisement titled "WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE CURRENT POWER CRISIS IN UP? Let people decide themselves.. " And the whole page contains a white paper issued by Deportment of Power, UP. All this, in The Hindu which comes here from Kolkata!

I am not telling that governments never highlight their achievement, but somehow, the politics in UP is based on besmirching of the opponent, by showing they didnt work, instead of highlighting what the current govt has worked upon. And btw, a full page ad in a newspaper meant for Kolkata!! What did she plan to achieve. I mean it made sense if she had ran this ad in newspapers of UP, but is she still clinging to her PM dream and trying to generate public opinion?

Well, all she could do was think of another ingenious way of wasting public money. After erecting her statues all over UP by laying to waste crores of rupees immortalising herself (and God, how shameless she is in doing it), she is now trying to hold on to her people desperately. All the money could have been used for so much good things, helping poor, feeding the hungry, improving the infrastructure. As many pointed out, constructing park would have been so much better, if she had "beautification"on her mind. But no!! Indian politicians have their own whims and fancies and they are so happy to fulfill it using the money they get from the tax-payers.

And given the trend of politics, when the goverment in UP would change, I suppose the new government would again spend crores undoing the wrongs of the previous govt. When would they understand, working for the people is the only way to get re-elected and getting "immortalised". Look at Nitish Singh. He is working towards developing a better Bihar and he is receiving all the praise. But as it turns out, the situation only gets from bad to worse and people have little option in UP, where the other main party is of Mulayam Singh Yadav, who had promised to remove English from the UP board curriculum for students. Anyone else has any better ideas to push India back some 50- 60 yrs?

But the scene is not restricted to UP. West Bengal is another perfect example of bad and worse. We have the Left parties on one hand, who have ruled the state for over 30 yrs now. During this tenure, they turned Bengal from a prosperous Industrial state to a state known for "BAndh Holidays". Yes, if u observe carefully, u would find that the bandhs are always called either on Fridays or Mondays to give an extended holiday so that they may go out to move their relatives during the weekend. And they were so happy closing the Mills and Industries initially in the name of socialism, that now they remain locked, without any hope of revival. But the recent Lalgarh incident has gone on to show their apathy towards the people.

Finally, when it dawned upon Buddhadeb how Kolkata had been turned into a sick industrial place, he did everything to attract the Nano, which would have surely turned the tide. But, our dear Mamta Didi wouldn't let Bengal progress. The whole of Bengal frowned upon, but she stuck to her ground and Tata said bye- bye. Things are turning towards her favour now, and there seems some real possibilty of the Left being overthrown. But would she follow what she propagated while in opposition, or like all other opposition parties, shun those theories, being fully aware how stupid they were. Well, I guess we have no other option but to wait and watch.

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