Friday, January 30, 2009

How to Rock Srijan- My advice to S-2k9 organizers

As was expected, I just got a confirmation once more from a S-2K9 organizer that Srijan is falling short of funds and the with no sponsors coming forward, the cuts would be from cultural side( read guest bands), which would mean it would suck even more this time ( the only reason I look forward to Srijan is that the rock nite is the only nite in the whole year when i feel like dancing and I dance, however stupid it might be).

I have got some great ideas for them which could help them sail through. If implemented, it could even mean some extra bucks for the S-2k9 team, which could go into their pockets or utilised in other events. Here's a list of bands/singers they should call in Srijan and how & why they will be able to raise funds too.

1) Enrique/ Ricky Martin/ Bryan Adams- Well both Enrique and Ricky are Spanish, great singers and loved by girls and boys alike. They would not only help in bringing the crowd to Srijan, but would be great to listen to too. What else, a substantial part of the crowd would be female(both have a large female following). If they want someone at a lesser price, Bryan adams would be the best choice coz this old bachelor would certainly consider his age to be a big impediment in his career now and ready to perform at lower rates.

2) Backstreet Boys/ Westlife- If attracting fairer sex is in the priority list (to relieve the sore eyes of this female starved ISM population), any of the two would do. I would advice going for Backstreet Boys, coz it would attract girls from all over India to swoon over the 4 hotties as they are far more popular. If anyone has even an iota of doubt, just watch any live performance of theirs.

3) Madonna-Britney/ Shakira/ Didi Girls- Considering the fact that ISMU has a large part of its population as male, ( and Indian man's obsession with firangis), a Madonna- Britney duet wud be ideal. And since both of them are great friends even now, we cud expect some repeat of the (in)famous kiss of the two in MTV awards. Or, they cud be made to 'move it' while remaining absolutely sure that their hips don't lie. I don't think any thing needs to be written for the Didi- Didi girls. Their video is self explanatory. This would help in bringing people from the remotest of corners in India.

4) Linking Park/ Coldplay/ Metallica/Nickelback- For rock lovers and those who love banging their heads, any of these would do.

If you are wondering how it would help in bringing cash to them, here is my ingenious idea. Start selling the tickets in advance. Even for the partcipants, charge some extra bucks to permit them to attend the show. Tickets would sell like hot dogs. For the first time ever, ISMU will register over 10,000 participants. The organizing team just wud have to arrange for some extra security, and shift the venue to lower ground instead of upper ground.

I hope they would bring one from each of the above four options. It would be a well-balanced show, catering to the needs of all kind of students. There's still time left, work it out and all the effect of this recession etc wont even be visible and this batch would be remembered for years to come. You have a chance to create history. Just do it!!!!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

How Religious!!

I have never been too religious a person. I mean I am not an atheist, but then you wont find me offering prayers or doing something out of tune for some occasion, specially if it's illogical. But that doesn't stop me from admiring persons who are pious enough to go to any length. And feel enraged when this lead to riots or terrorist attacks. But I got the inspiration to write this blog after a few incidents that happened yesterday on the occasion of Makarsakranti.

To start with, I was startled to find people who probably take a bath only when others stop coming near them due to the stench or all brands of deos too fail, taking a bath early in the morning. The reason- it was Makarsakranti!! People throng to Ganga Sagar on this day. SO they did their bit to please the Gods.

The day had other surprises too. Lunch consisted of Dahi-Chura. (I remember I was asked by the doctor once when I was suffering from indigestion once as a kid to have it. And I just could never gulp it down and instead opted for a few more days of suffering). Of course, I went to the canteen this time. Many probably opted to skip lunch too. I had been invited by my LG that day in the evening, so I had a sumptuous meal. Just as I was about to leave, another guest in their house also rued about the fact that her wife had served her Dahi-Chura earlier in the day. But as it turns out, no one protested and many were happy to have the traditional lunch. After all it was Makarsakranti and this is very much a part of a religious ceremony.

And this is exactly the reason why I am so much amused by all this. What exactly happens to people that they would do anything stupid, eat anything without questioning. Does the logical part of their brain gets switched off? I hope I find answers to these questions one day (without hurting anyone's sentiments, lest, I am banished or ostracized like Salman Rushdie or M.F. Hussain)

Monday, January 12, 2009


I had kinda thought about it before too, but after I watched a movie now, the feelings were revived in me and I couldn't help but write them down at 1 o'clock in the morning. This one relates to my sexual fantasy. Well, people change across countries not only culturally but physically too. And depending on that perceivable difference, I have always wished if I could ever get a chance to have it with them. Here's the list of different countries that are on my fantasy list:

1) France- Everyone knows that french are the best in bed. They already have a kiss named after them, and I would surely like to test the theory and play whole night long.

2) Russia- Half the world may loathe them, and movies like Hostel may show them as one who perform atrocities. But the fact remains, this darkness probably acts as a pheromone for me.

3) Arab/Middle East- Yes, they remain shrouded in mystery in their deserts and behind their strict Islamic rules. I would like to explore this unknown world. How many Arabs do you see even in movies? And when you do, they are just too beautiful.

4) China/ Japan/ Korea- What I actually mean is a Chingi. Yes, any chingi would do.

5) America- After watching so many hollywood movies since I came to college, I have drawn the conclusion that Americans are always eager for sex. All it requires is some talking while sitting in the bar, or anywhere. Just smooch and then things take their own course.

And after reading this, If you call me a Sex freak. then I would say you are a hypocrite. Surely, you must also be having your own wishlist, but I just decided to write them down. And if your ans is No, they go and have your hormones checked coz you are really fucked up. Believe me since was a Bio student once.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

A belated post

The post of today should have been posted by me on 25-09-08- the days when poly was at its height and it evoked some very strong emotions in me (obviously against what was going on). And I felt so strongly about it that I typed them and saved it with the date that I should have posted it on, however when the net came in the evening, the matiyaoo nature got the better of me and the word file remained in my lappy. Then I forgot about it all together. But while I was about to format my lappy last week, I went through it and decide to post it. So here's what I have to say regarding ISM's vice. Before anyone reads it,(if somehow you find out about my blog), 1 thing- I mean no offence to anyone.

I don’t know how I am going to spend the rest one and half years here. It just pains me to see how each person is deceiving the other. I am surrounded by such Hypocrites!!! Well, me being a person true from the heart, at times wish I could also fool others like everyone here. An astrologer had told me that be wary of your friends, they are not what they seem. I had rubbished him at that time. But as days go by and I spend more and more time with them, I unearth their masks. 3 years and I couldn’t find a single true friend here. Everytime I thought I am developing a close relation with one, I have met with deceit. I believe in healthy competition. But people here think that denying other person a chance by keep him ignorant about the developments is the best way to succeed. They may be working on pure probability, but I am not an espouse of this theory. It is reflected in the way notices regarding the ISS are made to vanish in thin air. What a cowardice act. Be brave enough to fight a competition . If you have the potential you will win. Though this post is not based on the ISS thing in any way, I mentioned it here coz I won’t like to make public things that might get personal. May be they thing, being the lone runner in a race will help them win it. It is because of this attitude that we are reduced to our current state of affairs in academics and research. When you don’t have competition you no longer exploit your potential and soon it starts to gain rust. All these developments around me leave me dejected and longing for my school days, where no harbored such hideous motives.


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