Monday, January 12, 2009


I had kinda thought about it before too, but after I watched a movie now, the feelings were revived in me and I couldn't help but write them down at 1 o'clock in the morning. This one relates to my sexual fantasy. Well, people change across countries not only culturally but physically too. And depending on that perceivable difference, I have always wished if I could ever get a chance to have it with them. Here's the list of different countries that are on my fantasy list:

1) France- Everyone knows that french are the best in bed. They already have a kiss named after them, and I would surely like to test the theory and play whole night long.

2) Russia- Half the world may loathe them, and movies like Hostel may show them as one who perform atrocities. But the fact remains, this darkness probably acts as a pheromone for me.

3) Arab/Middle East- Yes, they remain shrouded in mystery in their deserts and behind their strict Islamic rules. I would like to explore this unknown world. How many Arabs do you see even in movies? And when you do, they are just too beautiful.

4) China/ Japan/ Korea- What I actually mean is a Chingi. Yes, any chingi would do.

5) America- After watching so many hollywood movies since I came to college, I have drawn the conclusion that Americans are always eager for sex. All it requires is some talking while sitting in the bar, or anywhere. Just smooch and then things take their own course.

And after reading this, If you call me a Sex freak. then I would say you are a hypocrite. Surely, you must also be having your own wishlist, but I just decided to write them down. And if your ans is No, they go and have your hormones checked coz you are really fucked up. Believe me since was a Bio student once.


Devdeep said...

Hey! this wishlist is cool. But you forgot the best part. Indian!!! I am sure they are the best. In bed or not.

Sukhi said...

DD......I am assuming that being an Indian, I wont have to keep longing for long. Yeah, I have a separate wishlist for diff areas of India though.

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