Sunday, January 11, 2009

A belated post

The post of today should have been posted by me on 25-09-08- the days when poly was at its height and it evoked some very strong emotions in me (obviously against what was going on). And I felt so strongly about it that I typed them and saved it with the date that I should have posted it on, however when the net came in the evening, the matiyaoo nature got the better of me and the word file remained in my lappy. Then I forgot about it all together. But while I was about to format my lappy last week, I went through it and decide to post it. So here's what I have to say regarding ISM's vice. Before anyone reads it,(if somehow you find out about my blog), 1 thing- I mean no offence to anyone.

I don’t know how I am going to spend the rest one and half years here. It just pains me to see how each person is deceiving the other. I am surrounded by such Hypocrites!!! Well, me being a person true from the heart, at times wish I could also fool others like everyone here. An astrologer had told me that be wary of your friends, they are not what they seem. I had rubbished him at that time. But as days go by and I spend more and more time with them, I unearth their masks. 3 years and I couldn’t find a single true friend here. Everytime I thought I am developing a close relation with one, I have met with deceit. I believe in healthy competition. But people here think that denying other person a chance by keep him ignorant about the developments is the best way to succeed. They may be working on pure probability, but I am not an espouse of this theory. It is reflected in the way notices regarding the ISS are made to vanish in thin air. What a cowardice act. Be brave enough to fight a competition . If you have the potential you will win. Though this post is not based on the ISS thing in any way, I mentioned it here coz I won’t like to make public things that might get personal. May be they thing, being the lone runner in a race will help them win it. It is because of this attitude that we are reduced to our current state of affairs in academics and research. When you don’t have competition you no longer exploit your potential and soon it starts to gain rust. All these developments around me leave me dejected and longing for my school days, where no harbored such hideous motives.


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