Thursday, January 15, 2009

How Religious!!

I have never been too religious a person. I mean I am not an atheist, but then you wont find me offering prayers or doing something out of tune for some occasion, specially if it's illogical. But that doesn't stop me from admiring persons who are pious enough to go to any length. And feel enraged when this lead to riots or terrorist attacks. But I got the inspiration to write this blog after a few incidents that happened yesterday on the occasion of Makarsakranti.

To start with, I was startled to find people who probably take a bath only when others stop coming near them due to the stench or all brands of deos too fail, taking a bath early in the morning. The reason- it was Makarsakranti!! People throng to Ganga Sagar on this day. SO they did their bit to please the Gods.

The day had other surprises too. Lunch consisted of Dahi-Chura. (I remember I was asked by the doctor once when I was suffering from indigestion once as a kid to have it. And I just could never gulp it down and instead opted for a few more days of suffering). Of course, I went to the canteen this time. Many probably opted to skip lunch too. I had been invited by my LG that day in the evening, so I had a sumptuous meal. Just as I was about to leave, another guest in their house also rued about the fact that her wife had served her Dahi-Chura earlier in the day. But as it turns out, no one protested and many were happy to have the traditional lunch. After all it was Makarsakranti and this is very much a part of a religious ceremony.

And this is exactly the reason why I am so much amused by all this. What exactly happens to people that they would do anything stupid, eat anything without questioning. Does the logical part of their brain gets switched off? I hope I find answers to these questions one day (without hurting anyone's sentiments, lest, I am banished or ostracized like Salman Rushdie or M.F. Hussain)


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