Saturday, November 22, 2008


Well, the exams got over yesterday. I had a lot of movies stocked in my lappy and so in this one week, my sole aim will be to finish them and some of the serials. Watched 4 episodes of Deathnote in the evening, realized at 8:30 that the Mess was off. So had to be content with Maggi. Finally sat down to watch Dostana- the Gay movie from Bollywood. But is it truly a gay movie? I don't think so. Apart from the fact that the plot was based on the two guys acting gay there was nothing to term it a gay movie. There have been movies that have broached this subject more sensibly and Madhur Bhandarkar definitely scores high here. Probably it was a fully planned advertising strategy of Karan Johar that curiosity itself might attract people to the theatres.

Here's what I think Karan should not have done in the movie. There was no need to portray gays like girls. I mean why the hell do they have to show gays as girls. I was kinda shocked when Abhishek acted in a feminine manner while narrating his fake love story, or when John acted in a similar manner in front of the immigration officer. Its high time bollywood stopped such portrayals. Thats far from the truth. He could have made the movie a lot more sensible by not acting on such prejudices.

But then the movie handled the coming out issue well. Even while being funny, the scenes of coming out really showed how difficult it is for the family members (specially parents) to accept the reality. Then giving gay shades( or should I say bi-) to Abhishek's character could be considered a step towards undoing the other malice.

In the end, this is how I would have liked the movie end. After rejoining Priyanka with Bobby, they showed 2 months later. Here, they should have shown that Abhi and John had realized that they shared more than friendship and had exchanged vows. Probably, then it could have been classified as a gay movie of Bollywood.

P.S- Strange to note that the RSS which had raised a ruckus over the lesbian scenes in Fire and Girlfriend didn't have any objection to the kiss scene near the end of the movie or even the subject of the movie. What should this be construed as on their part? An acceptance of the situation or what? Also, there have been other bolly movie which had a scene or two...No objections there too...


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