Monday, June 13, 2011


I don't know if it is just me or it happens to others too. But whenever I like a guy, or find him hot, I go all numb! Expecially if that guy is anywhere near me. My heart beat increases suddenly and it starts beating so loud that I can literally hear it beat!!! I suddenly feel like I have no energy in my whole body and my legs feel so weak that they start shaking, as if they can't stand my weight!! Yes, that's right, I am really (and not literally) shaking when I am around any guy whom I happen to like.
Not to mention that I can't find anything to start a conversation. As it is, it is hard for me to talk to strangers, and it becomes an uphill task to even say a Hi or give him a smile!!

Take this, a guy whom I have been eying for so long and have a huge crush on, one day said Hi to me and asked me how was my weekend (we happened to talk a few days earlier because of some work). It was so unexpected that he would even bother to say Hi and enquire about me, but he did! I was on seventh sky and my happiness knew no bound and I was all smiles. But all I could say was yes, was nice.. blabbered something and then quickly ran off from there!! Yes, I ran off, without making any effort to take the conversation further!! Reason?? My heart was beating out so loud, i was starting to become breathless, went weak on my knees and a few more minutes there and I would have fainted most likely!!

He talked to me another day on a very flimsy kind of pretext, and all I did was answer him and again go away!! I don't know if it is only me or others also find them in a similar situation. But i feel so crippled. I seem to be fine (rather expert) online, and had the same thing happened over chat, I would have stretched the chat for hours.. and may be flirted too so well... But sigh... I am just so challenged when it comes to making the move in real life. I would really like to have some advice here from the experts.

P.S. The pic is of the Missionary guy who was there in POC4, and who is my latest crush. We both share the same Birth dates, but no, in the post I wasn't talking about him :P


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