Thursday, March 26, 2009

Reasons of our own

Its so funny how we try to satisfy ourselves with our own reasons for situations that are totally out of our control. This post gets written after the reactions of some of my friends to the news that 5 of us had got a call for appearing in the summer intern interview of HLS Asia.

Though a Petroleum Company, each year it takes 1-2 student from elex for training and pays them too. In this dry season, you can imagine how coveted this training had been for everyone. But finally the call was received by just 5 of us.

Now, as has been the trend, toppers were no where in the scene except one. Rest 4 of us have GPAs hovering around 7.70. Now there were two people in my room when I was checking my e-mail, and their discussion sent me thinking a lot of things.

The first observation was that all were freshers. To this, I pointed out that I had dropped a year. Certainly like a science theory, this flaw had to be modified and replaced with a new theory. Promptly my roomy replied-" Teri MD kaam aai hogi. Tune form mein pakka kuch aisa likha hoga jo unhe pasand aa gaya hoga."

I tried explaining that I had filled the form hurriedly at the last moment and sections where you had to deliberate about ' why you want to join HLS' etc were copied from others. That a section in the form asked-'Are you capable of perfroming heavy manual work'. But I soon realised how useless it was. Had I been on the opposite side, probably I would also have been formulating such theories because after all, as one of my Gtalk message went- We are satisfied by our own reasons more than any other. Isn't it something we have been doing since first year upon learning such and such person got selected.


Smart Primate said...

arre sahi... HLS intern...
treat kab hai?

and forget the crap what others are saying... bolne wale bolte rahenge.

Devdeep said...

Arrey congratz dude!!

Baaki log kuch bhi bolen... i think..
"Unhey tera blog pasand aa gaya hoga by chance!!!" :P (Add this to your list of the theories)

Congrats once again...

rahul anand said...

hls is coming to our campus offering summer internship. It would be so kind of you if you could please guide us how to prepare for the written test and interview.

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